What’s For Dinner Wednesday

Ever since I saw a recipe for bone in, skin on chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese on Fitness Magazine’s website, I’ve been wanting to try it. I looked at several other similar recipes, and they are all very similar.

I decided to use garlic and herb goat cheese along with rosemary, thyme and sage for the stuffing.

This was super easy and quick to prepare! Just preheat your oven to 375. Line a cookie sheet with foil, and grease with EVOO. Place the chicken breasts on the foil to stuff. Place three medallions of the goat cheese under the skin and press down to spread evenly. Then, stuff a piece each of rosemary, thyme, and sage in as well, right on top of the goat cheese.

Put in the oven for at least 60 minutes, or until cooked through to at least 165 degrees.

I made quinoa pasta with two kinds of sauce to go with the chicken. I used a packet of Simply Organic Alfredo Sauce to make low fat alfredo, and got some basil pesto paste.

I used low fat buttermilk and light butter to make the alfredo sauce to make it healthier. The directions are on the package. I would probably use regular milk next time. The flavor was a little tart, just like the Greek yogurt was in the sauce from this post. It did turn out good, though. I really liked the pesto, too! It’s a simple basil pesto, so you can’t go wrong.

I also sautéed some organic baby spinach in EVOO, light butter, and garlic with some salt and pepper.


The end result ended up being fabulous! Cameron told me the chicken was well cooked and he was impressed! He said the chicken was delicious! Hearing those words come out of Cameron’s mouth is rare, especially about my cooking! Open-mouthed smile

Two is better than one!

This was really so easy that is makes me want to try it again with different kinds of cheeses and herbs and whatnot. I definitely recommend trying chicken like this! Mom-don’t freak out about the skin being on. Once it’s cooked, the skin peels right off, and the meat is so much more moist and flavorful!

What are you having for dinner tonight? What is the easiest and quickest (healthy) thing you like to make for dinner when you are pressed for time?

Happy Trails!



  1. Hey Stacey. That looks very nutrish and delish. I’m glad you were given the added ego boost of Cameron’s approval. It always makes me feel especially good about a meal when Steve compliments it with out me having to ask.

    I’ve been holed-up in my room studying/doing homework pretty much all day, every day when I’m not in class or working. Since I’d rather not eat at all than separate myself from my homework, its a guarantee that we both generally eat really poorly right now, because Steve isn’t as concerned for our nutrition intake and is clueless in the kitchen when it comes to making actual food.

    For instance, on Saturday while I was at work, Steve apparently had a hankering for homemade check mix, of which he decided to make a GINORMOUS batch. I mean, this batch was so large it should have lasted a week or two, instead, since it was the most readily available food in the house and I found myself wandering to the kitchen and grabbing handfuls at a time for sustenance. Sure enough, between the two of us, it was gone by the end of the day Tuesday night.

    Since I know Steve hates cooking and that I’m not going to be doing much cooking, I purchased some pre-seasoned vegetable “steamers” bags from the frozen section at the grocery store. I also bought salad makings: leafy greens, green peppers, red onion, beets (which I pre-sliced, spritzed with lemon juice to preserve them, and stored in the fridge as a time saver), fat-free feta cheese, carrots, and chives. We developed a system: I tell Steve I want a salad and steamed veggies for dinner; I pull out the veggies I want on my salad (usually all of them), and then all he has to do is chop my salad veggies and throw in a bowl on a bed of leafy greens and throw the veggie steam bags in the microwave and serve it up for me on a plate.

    I also bought some pre-seasoned “Cedar Planked” salmon, which comes packaged on a little plank of cedar. You remove the plank and salmon from the packaging and bake them as they are in the oven for about 15 minutes. This is what Steve is making for us tonight with the same salad arrangement as I described above. This way I don’t have to spend any time in the kitchen, but we still get to eat somewhat decent, AND he doesn’t have to get too hands-on in the kitchen.

    Happy trails Stacey!!!

  2. pugmamastace says:

    That actually sounds really good! What a great way to make things easy for you both! Where did you get the salmon on the plank?

  3. Well its sort of funny, but there’s a Fry’s and a Bashas’ about 5 minutes from us, however, since the demographic in this area is kind of ghetto, there’s not a reat availability of organic products or actually healthy items. So we go a little bit further down the road to a different Fry’s that has a lot more of the stuff we like to buy.

    I’m not sure if all Fry’s have the “planked salmon” but the one we go to does. Its with all the other flash frozed fish products and there are three different types of seasoning: apple-maple smoked which is sweet and smokey, lightly seasoned which only has a little salt and pepper on it, and a dillweed version which I didn’t like very much.


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