Off On A Government Holiday? Seriously?

Yes kids, I am off today. Is it because I have the kind of awesome job that lets their people off on President’s Day? No….it’s because I have the kind of awesome job that gives me vacation days and lets me take them Smile. I had plans for this weekend, but they didn’t end up happening….so here I am with a four day weekend. I just did yoga three days in a row, and I intend to make it four! I really want to go hiking, too. It has been SO long since I’ve hit the trails. I think part of what scares me is that I always end up trail running parts of every hike, and I am not running right now. It would be really tempting to lightly jog on the flat part of Telegraph Pass, but it may aggravate my hammy before Ragnar-which by the way is in 5 days!!!

Team Dessert had one final meeting yesterday to discuss our plan of attack, and I’m starting to get really pumped up about it! I went out to Sole Sports and Walmart to get some stuff to prepare:


Cooler, tarp to lay on, and a sleeping bag. They didn’t have purple…Sad smile.


Ali says she wants to go, too, so she can be our mascot and lay on my cool new sleeping bag. She tends to steal warm things from me, such as blankets. Every soft, warm new blanket I get, she steals. The nerve….


Here are my vest and headlamp (it’s pink!!). There are very strict safety regulations for this race since it goes on 24/7 and half of the legs of the race are run in the dark. You also need a flashing L.E.D. light, which I already own. It appears that my second leg is going to be around 3 or 4 in the morning, so these items will be a necessity.

One of my favorite stories about Ragnar comes from a blogger whose blog I read regularly. She ran Ragnar from Miami to Key West last year, and had the surprise of her life at the finish line! It’s Meghann from Meals and Miles!

Her recap is a three part series:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Seriously read these if you haven’t already.I just read them again, and it’s the best story!

Believe In the Run has great recap called What is the Ragnar. There’s a really great video on there that you should watch, as well.

That’s it for today! Have a great Monday!

Happy Trails,


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