Round Two In The Books. Time To Heal For Real.

Yesterday couldn't have gone better for me (unless surgery had been scheduled earlier since I was starving and uncaffeinated until 4pm!) I'm honestly not complaining, though, because I made it through, and everyone at COSI was fantastic just like they were the first time. I felt like an old pro! Some of the nurses even remembered me from last time, which really made me feel at home.

My surgery was scheduled at 2pm, so we arrived at 12pm.

Here is a picture of Dr. Guanche and I from my pre-op for you guys to see if you don't follow me on Instagram, FB or Twitter:

We didn't run into any horror on the 405 like we did the last time, either, thank God! I was taken into pre-op within 15 minutes of arrival, and was soon ready to go in. I had about 45 minutes to kill before being brought into the OR, so I made good use of my time.

Here are the pictures from the surgery just like the last time. The top two are bursitis and the bottom two are of scar tissue on my piriformis. The nurse told Lynn (Steph's Mom) that I was doing great, and woke up talking. Lynn countered with a true statement “I think she came out of the womb talking!” Hahaha!! She's getting to know me so well ;-).

I soon returned home to Steph's (again thank you SO SO SO much to Lynn for taking me and bringing me home-esp dealing with rush hour on the 405 while I was passed out.) and put on my VascuTherm machine.

I love this machine! Apparently it's quite expensive, so I won't be taking it home as a parting gift. (Damn!!)

This was probably my favorite part if the day: (key word: was)

Pei Wei Pad Thai. Starving. Devoured. Like a boss.

Oh, and don't forget the critical FroYo:

A huge thanks to Steph for going out of her way to get both for me! It was salted caramel and cake batter, and was fantastic as always!

I'm working backwards on this post, because I figured you guys would want news on the surgery first. Now here are some pics of the last couple of days in OB, and my first day in OC:

Friday, I studied on the beach all afternoon after lunch. For lunch I had a veggie burger from Wonderland:

Went to the beach:

And had chocolate covered bacon for dessert.

The other thing was a red pepper flake salted caramel candy. The best word I can think of to describe these two pieces of deliciousness: ridiculous.

Friday night I went to OB Noodle House for dinner. As always, the Pho was amazing! I got rare beef Pho:

As you can see, the beef starts out completely rare, but then cooks a little bit in the broth. Your cow isn't actually still mooing by the time you get to eating it. The sprouts, Thai basil, lime, and other toppings came on the side. This place was on The Food Network not too long ago, BTW. It totally lives up to all of the hype! Make it a point to stop by if you get a chance when visiting San Diego!

When I was waiting for my seat at OBNH, I went next door to Lucy's to hang out and people watch. I ended up meeting a really cool girl named Elise who introduced me to her friends. Before I knew it, I was making plans to come back and play pool with them after dinner!

I had a total blast! It was so nice meeting you Elise!! I hope all is well with you guys :-).

Saturday, I studied on the beach all day again. I could seriously get used to this. The only downfall:

I could built a sandcastle out of the sand that is lodged in every pocket and crevice of this binder, haha! Sand is annoying, but I'll take it any day in exchange for this:

That evening, I met up with LaRissa and three of her fellow PT colleagues for dinner and “drinks.” We went to George's at the Cove.

The food was fantastic! LaRissa and I split goat cheese and almond stuffed bacon-wrapped dates as an appetizer, and I got the mahi-mahi for my entree.

I had a lunch date on Sunday, so here was my OOTD. I got it at Miss Match with my other dresses. I'm in love with it! Nothing makes you feel sexier than a good sundress (as far as clothes go, that is, lol!)

I had an amazing day and evening on Sunday hanging out with some really great people ;-).
Monday came around pretty fast, and it was time to head to OC. Before I left, I got an acai bowl from The Lazy Hummingbird. Man was it awesome! It was like an acai berry smoothie with granola, bananas, strawberries, a little bit of coconut, and honey. Check it out:

On my way to OC, I saw this license plate which made me smile:

I headed straight to Newport Beach to study:

Then, I got hungry, so I went to this Lobster Bucket place. I forgot the name, but it was really really good!
Just a light lunch, my ass! It came with rice and beans, and tortillas with sweet butter. I was in a total food coma after I left there!
Then, I met this girl for dinner in Newport. I always have such a fun time hanging with Sarah! We went to a fish place called Bearflag Fishco. They get their fish straight from the water on a daily basis. Freshest sashimi I think I've ever had! I was still pretty stuffed from lunch, so I didn't eat much. I didn't need food, though, really, since I spent the whole time talking, anyway!

One last stop before heading to Steph's was Dicks. My legs were tight from all of the walking I did on the beach on Sunday (good sore, not bad sore) so I decided to invest in a mini-foam roller so I could have one for when I travel. I must be a masochist.

This thing is the death of me. Love-hate relationship with the roller. Even more volatile than with my black foam roller at home, and I've only used it on the bed so far. Not even a hard surface yet. That's a good thing, though, right?? The more it hurts, the better it works? Fingers crossed!

Last, but not least, an Ali update! She's doing very well at Tricia and Jeff's. She's guarding the kitchen when they're cooking, as usual, and whining for the food before it comes out of the oven. Surprise surprise!

Aw! Look at my sleeping baby!

I meeeeez her I meeeeeez her! I love you, you sweet little stinker! Mommy will be home soon, don't you worry!

Alright, back to bed I go. I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your week, I'll be talking to you soon!

Happy Trails!




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