I Can’t Decide on a Title, So This Is It

You guys thought I fell off the face of the planet didn't you? Well, I was on my own planet called “BeastStudyMode,” and am now glad to say that the test is over! (If you're not up to date, I took the BCACP exam-The BPS Ambulatory Pharmacist board certification exam, this morning.) How did it go? Let's just not talk about it. What I will say is this: I did not leave the exam feeling good about how it went. I actually found myself thinking about how to/what to study differently in preparation to retake the exam in the fall. My close friends and family think I'm ahead of myself, and that I probably did better than my brain is telling me. Probably because my brain came close to death. It's still delusional, and doesn't know left from right, lol!

My take on this whole experience is that no matter how well I did, I learned a ton. I refreshed my knowledge base in a way in never thought I would after graduation. What I have learned from my teammates and coach is that we don't consider instances like this a failure. I will think of this experience as a stepping stone and a lesson to help me prepare even better for next time. I have an idea of the kinds of questions to expect, and how specific they choose to go within guidelines and patient cases. Who knows what letter I'll get in the mail in the next month or two? Either way, I'll look back at the last six months as nothing but positive!

I just got into San Diego this evening, and am settling into my little condo on Mission Beach. It's only a two block walk from putting my feet in the sand! Check out my sweet muffin butt on our way to Auntie Tricia and Uncle Jeff's this morning:

She always chooses to maximize the cuteness when I'm taking her to drop her off while I'm outta town…..

Tonight, I finally watched “Fast Women” which is a documentary about four female runners (one being Coach Susan) with some very ambitious goals. It follows them from start to finish, and talks about all of the details in between. It was so inspiring!! It actually reminded me of “Spirit of the Marathon” in a way. It gave me that same feeling of wanting to go out and just crush a race goal. I love seeing successful women in any line of work or sport. It makes me want to work passionately to become an even better me (and get back to running pronto!!!) Thank you ladies for that :-).

(The market down the street carries my favorite sparkling water!! The little things that make me happy…)

That's all for tonight. This girl is beat. All I plan on doing tomorrow is lounging in my happy place, and reading all of the issues of Runner's World that have accumulated since December. Oh, and maybe, actually no……that's ALL I'm doing.

I'll talk to you guys again soon. Coming soon is my recipe for Tortilla Soup with Roasted Corn and Spicy Turkey Sausage, and a review of a product I've been enjoying recently.


Happy Trails and Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend!



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