Nerium Expands to Anti-Aging for the Brain

No. My blog has not been hijacked, and it is not April Fools Day. I am not blowing smoke up your asses. This is real. I’m a huge nerd, and love science-y things, so this is right up my alley! 

I watched/listened to the Live Stream from Nerium’s Get Real 2015 conference in San Jose all day yesterday (Thursday) in anticipation of this announcement. We were told that it would not only impact the anti-aging market, but also the medical field. I couldn’t for the life of me put my finger on exactly what I thought it was going to be. I thought of everything from a device to some sort of mask to be applied. It turns out, Nerium has partnered up with Signum Biosciences and a research team based out of Princeton (yes-THE Princeton in Princeton, NJ) University, and been given the exclusive global rights to the patented product called EHT. In layman’s terms, this molecule helps to prevent neuronal breakdown in the brain. That’s the very basic concept of it. 

EHT is an acronym for the molecule name Eicosanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamide. It is a molecule naturally found in coffee beans. (I knew I loved coffee!) It was discovered by Dr. Jeffry Stock of Princeton University after 20 years of research. They laid out the exact mechanism of action for us on the slides, which I have if anyone is interested in the really nerdy (AKA awesome) part of this. Here are the benefits of the supplement:

IMG 0142

I am going to link you guys to a website where there are two videos. Everything is explained there. Please click HERE to check it out. This product will change lives. The Michael J Fox Foundation contributed money toward the research and development of EHT. It is that unreal! The product will be available for pre-sale between May 15-June15, and won’t be available after that until September. Please contact me if you would like to get a supply while it is on pre-order, and I will add you to my list! ( EHT is safe for both adults and children. There is so much more I want to say about it, but I don’t want to make this post too long. Just know that I am so excited to get my hands on it and see how it helps me!!! 

Nerium International still continue to amaze me. We even have a more affordable option for becoming a brand partner now! Today (Friday) there will be another huge product announcement that will be skincare. Stay tuned for more info on that!

Have an awesome weekend!!

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