12 Posts of Christmas #1

Hi guys! My Mom asked me today when I was going to do another blog post. She informed me that I haven’t blogged in a month. (Insert I’m ashamed of myself emoji here.) I’ve decided to blog 12 times between here and Christmas! Speaking of Christmas, my girls and I went to Coachhouse this past weekend, and I want to know how long it took them to decorate that place!! Holy electric bill!! I had a blast, nonetheless! I’ve never seen a place quite like it! Actually, Monkey Pants in Tempe is decorated similarly (but not quite as much), which is where I went on Christmas Day in the evening with my friends Owen and Drea last year. I’ve never seen such hideously wonderfully decorated places!

IMG 9661

Bree, Lawna, Amanda and I – taken by Meghan 🙂

Coachhouse 1

Coachhouse 3

Isn’t it fantastic!? I wonder how long it took them to do that….?

Coachhouse 5

I love my girls!!! We’re all pharmacists, and we all know how to have fun! Such amazing women that I am so blessed to have in my life!

Coachhouse 6

Exorbitant amounts of caffeine, check! Actually, I only had one Red Bull that night, which is really good for me!

Coachhouse 4

I was thinking about Sprinkles Cupcakes on the way home, and drove right by without stopping. I decided to have a protein shake instead. I’m proud of myself 🙂 Since starting TruHit (a local HIIT gym), I’ve lost a couple of pounds, a little bit of body fat, and gained 0.6lbs of muscle! Those workouts are tough! I can really only do arm day well. By well, I mean actually doing the exercises and not having to do a different “doable” exercise for every other one like I do on leg day because of my hamstrings. Just being able to do any sort of workout is a huge positive in my book, though! I’m still healing very very very slowly. I’m staying positive and trying to keep the mindset that it could be 18 months before I feel “normal” again. My surgeon got my hopes way up and had me thinking 6 months to run again. Very inaccurate. 6 months to working again, yes, which I am grateful for! Baby steps, right!?

Elf on Mixer

On another note, look who’s back! #ElfonaShelfByMyself Hahaha! He tried to eat my dinner for the week. Rude.

More fun to come over the next few weeks! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Have an awesome Tuesday!!


Happy Trails,


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