Race Schedule

At this point with my hamstring injury, I really don’t have a race schedule to display. What I can display,though, is my goals for recovering and getting back into the groove. Coach Susan says you always need to have three goals: Your dream goal, your realistic goal, and your suck it up and finish goal. Here are my three goals for recovery:

One goal is a given-get healthy enough to get back to work. That is not included in my three, because it is too obvious.

Dream goal: Run Ragnar with Team Dessert again in Feb, and run my first 26.2 at the Derby Festival Marathon in April.

Realistic goal: Run the Derby Festival Half Marathon in April, and the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half in May

Suck it up and finish goal: Run NYC Marathon 2014 as my first 26.2 and first major race back.

Only time will tell what is going to happen. Hopefully soon I’ll have an actual race schedule to show you :-).