Saturday Work Day Fun Day!

I picked up a shift at a throwback store of mine today! I hadn’t worked there since probably 2008. One of the girls I used to work with was still there, and it was so great to see her! The shift was only 8-1, so it was cake, and I still had plenty of time to go home before I went to my friend Monica’s party. 

I brought Ali along with me today to the party, and she got to meet some new friends!! 

IMG 8139

She also got to swim for the first time in probably 7 or 8 years! It was precious….

IMG 8140

She got to meet her Auntie Lawna for the first time!! And she got her own shark to ride in :-).

IMG 8146

IMG 8153

IMG 8156

Ali loved her shark raft!! She had so much fun hanging out with everyone today! I was glad to have her in the water, because it has been SO hot!

IMG 8157

I mean…..words cannot express……just….the cuteness. Cutest. Dog. Ever.

IMG 8160

This is Bogey! Ali made a new pup friend!! Don’t you like his outfit, Aligator? You want one, right!??……No?….:-(

IMG 8164

The drive home down Tatum was beautiful! It was close to sunset, and approached the north side (to me, the back) of Camelback Mountain. It is SO majestic, and none of my pictures do it justice! It looks so huge and pronounced in person. You just have to see it to believe it. I still forget sometimes that I live in such a beautiful place!

IMG 8188

IMG 8192

Someone had a very eventful day! I don’t think she’s had that much activity in awhile! She had a blast! Got some extra treats, too. That head tilt is very hard to resist and say no to…..:-). 

IMG 8199

Both Ali and Mommy are tired from today! We’re both laying in bed now, and it’s 9pm on a Saturday. #winners lol! Mommy needs to get her ass out of bed tomorrow morning and work off all of the puppy chow, chips and dip, and butterscotch chocolate crispy treats from today! #goals Thank you so much Monica for having us! Happy Birthday to Monica, Bree, and Gretchen!!

I hope you guys had a wonderful Saturday!! Have an awesome rest of your weekend, and leave me some love letting me know what you did for fun today!

Happy Trails!

Stacey and Ali

IMG 8201

5th Time’s a Charm!

If you’re wondering how on earth a 32 year-old woman managed to do enough damage to have 5 orthopedic surgeries in a year, click HERE for my story. It’s long, but thorough, and will make so much sense once you read it. I just wanted to give you wonderful readers an update on how I am doing after this 5th and (God-willing) final surgery.

IMG 5494

Any day is a better day when you throw in some Nutella gelato :-). 

I told Dr Guanche about how badly my leg hurt the night of the surgery last time, so he maxed out the local dose of bupivacaine that he injected into the operative area before closing the incision. So far, so good when related to pain. Julio from SOS Medical hooked me up with the amazingly wonderful Vascutherm 2 machine that I’ve been using 24/7 for 45 minutes on and 15 minutes off. It is the best machine ever! No ice required, just a little bit of bottled water! The machine cools the water and has an automated timer, so all I do is velcro it on, and just lay here. Lie here? Grammar police, help me! Not a phrase I’ve ever been strong with. 

Hilton has been wonderful! Everyone has been so nice and helpful! Thanks again so much Claudine for making this happen!!

Even with all of the sleeping and relaxing I’ve been doing, I’ve managed to stay pretty plugged in to my Nerium gig. It’s that easy and simple to do you guys! I have an amazing team now that I have the pleasure and privilege of working with, and I cannot wait to see them succeed!! I managed to find my old before pictures today, and make a new before and after side-by-side of 0 vs 6.5 months:

IMG 5531

I’m not wearing makeup in either picture. In fact, the second picture is of me today. I’m completely exhausted and have glasses indentations on my nose, yet I still look better in it! I am more than pleased with this product, and love sharing it with everyone! Results can truly be life changing for people!

IMG 5502

I got to watch this game today. We came back with a vengeance after halftime, and I thought we actually might win! Not so much. We play Virginia this weekend again followed by Duke/Carolina. It’s going to be a great weekend for college basketball!!

A friend tagged me in this picture on Instagram today, and I just love it!

IMG 5495

And I mean, look at the pug sheets. I need these in my life. Ali is thinking “Mom, don’t even THINK about it…..”

IMG 5496

Girl talk at the dog park with Minnie and Matti! Matti is more stylish than I am. Her closet rocks more than mine does. #jealous Ali continues to be a nudist.

IMG 3808

What Mom? So I like “au natural” what’re you gonna do about it?? I’m too cute for you to care. #truestory

I just realized tonight that I have a comment on my blog, but never got an email notifying me of it. I’m going to go through and make sure I didn’t miss any comments, so if I did, my apologies!

I’m headed to do that now, and then to bed. I only have one more day here in SoCal!! I can’t wait to see my baby Friday!!! Have an awesome rest of your day guys, and I’ll ttys!!

Happy Trails!


Welcome to a Rainy Day in AZ

This monsoon season, AZ has gotten quite a bit of rain! Our infrastructure is nowhere near capable of handling it, either. A couple of weeks ago, schools actually closed due to the flash flooding, I barely squeezed my car around standing water to get to PT that morning. We get mudslides, golf courses that turn into lakes, and cars that get stuck on I-10 in standing water!

So I thought I would take some pictures and videos of the thunderstorms we got today. I ran out to Walgreens to grab a couple of things, and to Yoasis to get froyo during one of the downpours:

That is the golf course by my house that turned into a lake.
Standing water on my street.
Little creek running down the road.
Trying to get out of the car to get the mail!
Downpour from my garage.
This is how Ali feels about rain. God forbid she gets her paws wet!!
I really enjoy when it rains here. It reminds me a lot of home, except I know that it's not going to last very long! Plus, thunderstorms in AZ don't come with tornados!! Thank God!! Now if we could only get like 2 days of snow a year I'd be so happy. I guess that's what Flagstaff and Sedona are for…..anyone down for renting a cabin up north in the snow sometime this winter?? Leave me a comment below :-).
I hope you guys enjoyed a little peak into our “storms” we get out here. (My Midwestern friends and family.) Have an awesome rest of your weekend!
Happy Trails,