Welcome to LA Part 2

I have to share with you guys the ridiculous dinners I have had these past few days! I stayed at The Line LA on Thursday, and ate dinner at their restaurant called Commissary and it was incredible! Beautiful atmosphere, too!

IMG 5226

IMG 5233

Eggplant Green Curry soup with brown rice, and then a roasted carrot dish topped with a pesto-like sauce with garlic, kale, and other herbs I forget! Easily the best carrots I’ve ever had!

IMG 5234

This was the Market Party I went to in North Hollywood at Federal Bar. It was so much fun! 

IMG 5243

I got to meet Danny Gesemy!

IMG 5254

I totally forgot I had this dress! I got it for $15 at Grand Central Clothing a few months ago, and it’s so cute!

IMG 5268

There was a blogger’s summit at the hotel that weekend, as well, but it sold out three weeks before. That would’ve been so fun to join! I did get to meet one of my favorite You Tubers the morning I checked out! Her name is DulceCandy, and she is just as beautiful and sweet in person as she is on her channel. So nice to meet Dulce!!

IMG 5310

Makeup of the night: Smoky eyes and a nude lip. Standard for dresses like this at night.

IMG 5328

I brought the Lorac Pro Palette and the Lorac Pro Palette 2, plus my Tartlette palette by Tarte, so that’s all I had to use. The palettes work very well together, and you definitely have enough colors to get lots of different looks. I’m getting better at the winged liner, but this eyeliner application ended up being pretty long and dramatic. You get one side perfect, and then it’s impossible to get the other side looking the same! #firstworldproblems

Kristen Welcome

This happened this week, and I am over the moon excited!! She has experience in skincare, and really loves our product! She’s going to be a total rockstar! This also happened:

Angels Welcome

Angela is a friend of mine that I met a little under 5 years ago, and we’ve kept in touch, but live on opposite sides of town and never get to see each other! Her drive to be successful is strong, and I can’t wait to be on this journey with her!!

Me New Director

I worked really hard the last few days in February, and it was even a short month! Next stop is the Lexus, and I can’t believe it!!! I’m already in a great position to start working toward this goal! Persistence and perseverance are key in this business. A majority of the time. you will get more no’s than you will yes’s, and you have to understand that and just keep plugging in (stay engaged un the business and into your goals) and working despite feeling defeated. This separates the successful ones from the stagnant and complacent ones. Read “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, you guys!! Great book that can be applied to life in general!


FYI Nerium Firm users: Firm is buy 2 get a 3rd free right now!! I have to place the order for you, so message or text me if you’re interested! Results are phenomenal!!

Cellulite B and A Nerium

IMG 5475

Get it while there’s still product left! Firm sold out in 48 hours last spring when it was first released! 

Last night, I had dinner at Commonwealth with Claudine. She took me to dinner for my “Last Supper” before my surgery. She’s the BEST!!! It was so good!! I’ll blog about that next time. Hopefully tomorrow, because I am falling asleep on my computer while typing this! Talk to y’all again soon!

Happy trails!


Weekend Randomness and My FitBit Food Diary

I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about this for a week or two now! I posted a picture on Instagram before Christmas of my Fresh Balsam candle burning, and said how I loved it, because it made it really feel like Christmastime. I tagged Bath and Body Works, and hash tagged them just because that’s what I always do. I got a private message from BBW telling me that if I give them my address, they would ship a little Holiday present to me. At first, I was like, is this a hoax? So I double checked their Instagram, and it really was legitimately them! So I gave it to them, and look what arrived at my door a couple of weeks later!!

IMG 1084 2

They sent me a three-wick candle and a bottle of soap in Fresh Balsam!!! I’ve never gotten love for putting one of my favorite brands on blast on social media! See what happens when you give credit where credit is due!? Lesson to learn: Always use your hashtags and tag pictures. Another lesson (if you didn’t already know this): Bath and Body Works is AWESOME!!! Thanks again SO much you guys!! You really helped my #perfectChristmas become even more perfect with your sweet gift! Have you guys smelled Fresh Balsam?? Do you want to know what Christmas smells like? Smell it!IMG 1085 2

It really was the perfect gift! IMG 1086 2

I took this random picture of Ali that I just had to show you guys! How adorable does she look all bundled up!?
IMG 1064 2

One reminder to any of you who have even had a thought about joining my Nerium team: 2015 is going to be a huge year as far as product launches! In April, there will be two new products released that will have the impact of a “rebirth” of our company. The sooner you get yourself in position, the more you will benefit from this launch. I am making money already that I never expected to make when I started being a brand partner! In fact, I really just did it to get my product for free, and make a little bit of money to go toward my other business expenses. It has, and will continue to, fully surpass my expectations! My goal is a Lexus by this summer!! 

IMG 4018

Here is another adorable one of Ali just because I can :-). You’d think Ali took over my laptop and hijacked my blog again! IMG 4123

I saw this look on Instagram today, and I’m totally obsessed with it! I have several colors in my collection that I could use to recreate this. It’s such a gorgeous spring and summer look! 

IMG 1125

When I got home from California, I spent a good 30 minutes just hugging and kissing and playing with Ali. (And taking Pelfies, as you can see.) She really is the best dog in the world!!

IMG 1130

This shot was so random, but it turned out SO good!! I might actually frame it. OMG, print a picture? How do you do that? It’s been so long that I forgot!! Lol! 

IMG 1131

Last, but certainly not least, I finally got my FitBit to charge so I could start using it again! For some reason, out of the blue, my old charger just stopped charging. I had to get my extra one from Lisa so I could see if it was the FitBit or the charger. Thank goodness it was the charger. I also finally got it to sync to my new phone. That wasn’t working last week, either. Now I can start using it and my calorie log again. I think keeping track of my calorie intake will really help open my eyes to what I’ve been doing to myself lately. I know I missed something from today, but still, look at those numbers!!

IMG 1123IMG 1124

1500 Calories in a day is really not that bad, but don’t forget that I can’t do cardio. I bet that with 30 minutes of faster paced strength training and super sets I could make up for those extra calories. I am also planning on cooking one day this week. I’m not going to say what I’m cooking, because it is a highly modified healthified recipe that I’m not sure is even going to work! I will definitely post a recipe for it if it does, though. It’s one of my favorite Italian dishes with a twist! 

I came across this chart in my pictures today. I think it is SO interesting! I remembered the magnesium and chocolate connection, so I’ve been taking magnesium before bedtime (I know, I know, it probably sounds crazy. I am desperate for a solution though!!) Trust me, dark chocolate is a much better experience. Everything that they suggest to eat instead is so healthy, though! it definitely can’t hurt to incorporate more of those items into your diet! Just don’t forget that the key is moderation, and not to screw up your whole day just because of one mistake! You know the whole attitude of “screw it, I already ruined my healthy eating for the day, so I’m going to just eat the whole package of cookies and start good again tomorrow.” Don’t lie to yourself, you know you have!! I’ve learned that if I am truly living a healthy lifestyle, the day continues on healthy, and I don’t need to plan to restart tomorrow. It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet! Try doing this sometime. It really does help!

IMG 0006

I’m not sure where I got this chart, but thanks a million to whoever made it! What a great resource!

Well, I hope you guys have an awesome rest of your week. I’ll be back soon with more fun and new stuff!

Happy Trails!


Holiday Sephora Haul and Surgery Update Video

As promised, here is my Sephora Haul from yesterday. The things I got are so beautiful!! I can’t wait to play around with them more! There is also an update on my surgery that is scheduled for Monday. I explain the details and reasons why we’ve chosen surgery again. Please click below to watch!

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Please let me know if you have any video requests below in the comments. Have a great day, and I’ll cya again soon :-).

Happy Trails!!