Inception at Sea 2016 Part 1

I am flying back to Phoenix right now, and I am still so pumped from the weekend I just had! It has to be one of the most fun trips I have ever taken in my life! I will have a really hard time going on a regular cruise again after this. 

Inception at Sea is basically a 72-hour music festival on a boat to an island in the Bahamas. We sailed to Great Stirrup Cay (Norwegian’s private island) to spend two days in the sun listening to some awesome artists. Some of the ones this trip were The Chainsmokers, Cash Cash, Tyga, Brody Jenner, Bassjackers, Lil Dicky, and Helena Legend. Chainsmokers were probably my favorite. They performed last on the island Saturday. The boat was off the chain the entire time. Never a dull moment! I am ready to go on my first Groove Cruise now! We are all talking about going on the one leaving from San Diego and going to Cabo in October. If anyone wants to come with, let me know!!

There were themes every day and night for the parties, including Team Spirit, Superheroes, Pajamas, and Nautical. Want some good people watching? Look no further :-).

Here are some pictures:


Mindy, Erica and I on our way to the ship


My roomie Kristen and I


I have traveled and also gone out injured before, so I totally empathize with this guy! What a rockstar!

Cruise 1




Sunset leaving Miami on Friday



Theater performances night one


Kristen, Mindy and Erica




On our way to Great Stirrup Cay Saturday

Cruise8Shark Dude


Norwegian Sky


Fear the Fork!




We could’ve been long-lost sisters….


Beautiful view of the island from the tinder boat


I am going to put the rest of the pictures in a separate post since there are so many. I hope you guys enjoyed! Have an awesome week, and I’ll be back soon :-).


Happy Trails,


Lunch Break Blogging and Inception Cruise

I wrote this post last week, and never finished it! So here it is:


Hi guys! I’m on my lunch break, and decided to try and utilize it for some blogging time. I love our cafeteria and its healthy meal options. In fact, it’s made me lazy as far as cooking for myself at home. Today, I had roasted pork tenderloin with some kind of sauce over it. It tasted like a honey mustard sauce of some sort:

IMG 0505

Of course, I had to have my veggies since they were ones I actually like. 

This past week, I was able to put together a lot of what I learned at the AZPA Psychiatric Certificate Program the weekend prior. It’s been so nice to not have to be studying every single night after work. I learned SO much, though! I am definitely glad I did it.

Ali and I went to lunch at RNR last Monday, and I had some amazing Ahi Tuna tacos! They used thinly sliced jicama for their tortillas!

RNR Ahi Tuna Tacos

Ali at RNR

I also rode over to Camelback on my bike, hiked for 30 minutes, and rode back on Sunday:

2 28 Camelback Hike

Decided to kick it old school with some striped socks :-D. 

That same day, I had brunch at The Herb Box in Scottsdale. I had the MOST amazing Soba Noodle bowl with an added piece of grilled salmon. Honestly the best thing I’ve had from there! 

2 28 Herb Box Soba Bowl

It had soba noodles in some kind of yummy sauce, steamed broccoli, soft cooked eggs, avocado, peppers, cucumbers, and the salmon. If you get a chance to try Herb Box in Old Town, I definitely recommend this!

(resuming post today, 3/10) I have been craving that bowl ever since I had it!! I am on my way to Ft. Lauderdale right now to go on a 3 day cruise with my friend Mindy and her friends. I am so excited! I have not had a legitimate vacation in a long time. I am LONG overdue for some beach time. The cruise is the inaugural Inception at Sea cruise, which is a music festival that is out of Cancun that they decided to make into a cruise! You can check out their website here. It’s going to be a wild time, and I can’t wait!

I will be blogging on the ship as long as it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get internet. Otherwise, I will try to blog when I get back. 

I hope you are all doing well!! 

Happy Trails,


Cheers to an Amazing Weekend!

I spent this past weekend in Santa Monica with my friend Mike, and had an absolute blast!! I went back to LA for my follow up with Dr. Guanche, who cleared me to go back to work on July 6th!! I am so happy!! He said both attachment sites felt intact and strong, and that it can take as long as 6 months from the last surgery (making that September) to really feel right again. Then, I proceeded to almost get taken out by a wave in the frigid ocean, come down on my right leg to stabilize myself, and strain it a little bit. I was thigh deep in the water!! It takes NOTHING to aggravate my leg!! Ugh! It feels a lot better now than it did the day after, so at least that’s a good sign! I got a lot of sun, even though the weather was pretty drab almost the entire time I was there. I’m a dedicated beach bum!

IMG 7602

I went to an amazingly yummy restaurant in Venice called The Big Daddy Shack. You guys………I mean, just ridiculous. Look at this!

IMG 7585

I wanted to go there again on my way to the airport on Sunday, but it was too early. I got an Ahi Tuna poke bowl with brown rice, grilled pineapple, mango and avocado. SO yummy and very healthy as well! I got the smaller of the two bowls to help control my portion. It was very filling, and ended up being perfect. 

Saturday night, we went out to dinner at James Beach in Venice, and then to a little dive bar in Santa Monica. I think I ate more at that dinner than I had in the previous three days!! I highly recommend you try James Beach if you’re ever in the area, though. Service was slow, but the food was off the chain!

Outfit of the night-lace seafoam green  bodycon dress from H&M. Still can’t wear heels yet…..

IMG 7609

The bar we went to was so so so cute and homey!! 

IMG 7610

IMG 7611

It reminded me of Monkey Pants in Tempe at Christmas time, and apparently Coach House in Scottsdale as well (although I’ve never been there, I’ve just heard about it.)

Speaking of Scottsdale, I have told some of you this already, but I am moving to Scottsdale at the end of the month. I love Ahwatukee. I really do. It’s just getting to be too far away from everywhere I spend time. I am also ready for a change. I want to be where all of the young, single professionals are. I am super excited to start this new chapter in my life! Don’t worry Tukee friends (and basically family <3, I will be coming back to see you often!!) 

As far as everything else in my life, Nerium and J.Hilburn are both going well! The beautiful thing about these two companies is that I will be able to continue with them when I go back to work. With the amount of time I spend on them now, I know I’ll be fine come July 6th. I still have other stuff brewing that I am working on, and will report back when things start to come together. 

You guys have an awesome Taco Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow with a new recipe for WFDW! (What’s For Dinner Wednesday.)


Happy Trails!