WFDW: Pork Tenderloin Oven Roast

Hey y’all! I am back with another edition of What’s for Dinner Wednesday! This week’s is super simple, and healthy, too! Would you expect anything less from me!? :-)

So I had a pork tenderloin in my freezer last week, and couldn’t decide what to do with it. When I was at Safeway, I saw that I had a coupon for a free one of these:

IMG 7715

I remembered that I had a bag of frozen stew veggies in my freezer as well:

IMG 7714

And from there, my recipe was born! It’s a seriously simple and healthy meal that took me about 10 minutes to prepare. All you need are the two pictured ingredients, and a pork tenderloin.

All I did was trim the major parts of fat off of the pork, and cut it into 1-2” medallions. Then, I poured the veggies into a casserole dish, added the pork, sauce, and about a cup of water. I baked it at 350 for 45-60 minutes. Just make sure the meat is cooked to at least 165 degrees F. 

IMG 7621

It was that easy! I also added salt and pepper to taste. I discovered later in the week that I liked it even better with a little bit of Lawry’s seasoned salt. It compensated for the sweetness of the carrots. The meat cooked so perfectly! I didn’t even need a knife to cut it. I will definitely make this again! I love when cooking is easy AND healthy, don’t you guys?

Let me know if you try this and if you liked it! I hope you guys have an awesome rest of your week! Stay happy and healthy!

Happy Trails,


New Video – June Empties!

Hi guys! I just posted a new video on my channel about my June Empties! Stop by and check it out!



Let me know if you like videos like this in a comment below! Also, I’d love to hear your video requests :-). Have an awesome weekend!

Happy Trails!


Cheers to an Amazing Weekend!

I spent this past weekend in Santa Monica with my friend Mike, and had an absolute blast!! I went back to LA for my follow up with Dr. Guanche, who cleared me to go back to work on July 6th!! I am so happy!! He said both attachment sites felt intact and strong, and that it can take as long as 6 months from the last surgery (making that September) to really feel right again. Then, I proceeded to almost get taken out by a wave in the frigid ocean, come down on my right leg to stabilize myself, and strain it a little bit. I was thigh deep in the water!! It takes NOTHING to aggravate my leg!! Ugh! It feels a lot better now than it did the day after, so at least that’s a good sign! I got a lot of sun, even though the weather was pretty drab almost the entire time I was there. I’m a dedicated beach bum!

IMG 7602

I went to an amazingly yummy restaurant in Venice called The Big Daddy Shack. You guys………I mean, just ridiculous. Look at this!

IMG 7585

I wanted to go there again on my way to the airport on Sunday, but it was too early. I got an Ahi Tuna poke bowl with brown rice, grilled pineapple, mango and avocado. SO yummy and very healthy as well! I got the smaller of the two bowls to help control my portion. It was very filling, and ended up being perfect. 

Saturday night, we went out to dinner at James Beach in Venice, and then to a little dive bar in Santa Monica. I think I ate more at that dinner than I had in the previous three days!! I highly recommend you try James Beach if you’re ever in the area, though. Service was slow, but the food was off the chain!

Outfit of the night-lace seafoam green  bodycon dress from H&M. Still can’t wear heels yet…..

IMG 7609

The bar we went to was so so so cute and homey!! 

IMG 7610

IMG 7611

It reminded me of Monkey Pants in Tempe at Christmas time, and apparently Coach House in Scottsdale as well (although I’ve never been there, I’ve just heard about it.)

Speaking of Scottsdale, I have told some of you this already, but I am moving to Scottsdale at the end of the month. I love Ahwatukee. I really do. It’s just getting to be too far away from everywhere I spend time. I am also ready for a change. I want to be where all of the young, single professionals are. I am super excited to start this new chapter in my life! Don’t worry Tukee friends (and basically family <3, I will be coming back to see you often!!) 

As far as everything else in my life, Nerium and J.Hilburn are both going well! The beautiful thing about these two companies is that I will be able to continue with them when I go back to work. With the amount of time I spend on them now, I know I’ll be fine come July 6th. I still have other stuff brewing that I am working on, and will report back when things start to come together. 

You guys have an awesome Taco Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow with a new recipe for WFDW! (What’s For Dinner Wednesday.)


Happy Trails!